Find the Perfect Grocery Bags, Paper Bags or Plastic Take Out Bags for your Business - 2020

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Take Out Bags, Carry Out Bags, Grocery Bags, Paper Shopping Bags - these bags go by many names, but are all designed with a common goal of giving your customers the best shopping experience possible. How many times has a shopping or take out experience been ruined by a kraft paper bag ripping on the bottom, or the handles tearing straight off the bag due to weight? How many times have you had to give your customers a retail paper bag that was far too big for the job? The answer, too many!

These are seemingly small problems for business owners, but in the long run can have an impact on how your customers view your brand or business. In addition to this, these uncertain times have greatly increased the need for take out & carry out bags in order to provide a sanitary and safe experience for your customers. This guide to plastic carry out bags and kraft paper bags is designed to provide informative options and solutions to make a decision on which type is suitable for you to continue to add value to your customers needs. 

Plastic Bags

T-Shirt Bags | Thank You Bags


Plastic T-Shirt Bags are one of the most common and low cost bags available to business owners. These bags are popular because of their simplicity to provide convenience and durability while remaining economical. The average t-shirt bag size measures 11 ½” x 6" x 21" with a recommended load for light to medium weight. Most often, this bag diligently serves its purpose for groceries, take out, restaurant, retail and shopping use. 

With a variety of options, you can proudly choose between plain white, black, or from our best selling "thank you" print, written directly on the bags. This type of to go bag is rack system compatible for convenience. 


Square Bottom Bags | Reusable Plastic Bags

Square Bottom Bags come in many different sizes, thicknesses, and handle types. These bags however tend to be larger and thicker than average polyethylene t-shirt bags. Its unique square bottom design allows the bag to stand on its own so employees or customers can easily load and unload items quickly and efficiently. Our popular reusable square bottom bag is an example of this type of bag. It is made of 40% post consumer material, but withholds large loads with its 2.25 mil thickness and reliable handles. 

These bags are commonly used as restaurant bags or take out bags as their wide bottom makes them ideal for take out food containers, and larger items. Their thicker plastic and stronger handles allows them to hold heavy meals or daily goods without worry of rips or spills. Like T-Shirt bags, square bottom bags are typically offered in white or a variety of colors. 

Paper Bags

Man With Paper Bag

Paper Bags are another excellent choice for use as a carry out bag, retail bag, gift bag or restaurant bag. They tend to be a more expensive and premium option than plastic, but come with the perks of being recyclable and compostable. They are also able to hold more weight due to being made of durable Kraft paper.

There are a variety of paper bags with handles, without handles, and available in different thicknesses which is also known as basis weight. Basis weight is the weight in pounds of  500 sheets of paper in its basic size, and is denoted by the symbol “#” . In addition, you may be asking, what are the common paper bag sizes? Typically they can range from small 6" x 3.5" x 11.1" lunch bags to full size 12"x7"x17" grocery bags. However, size is very important for particular industries. For example, our Kraft Paper Bag sized 10" x 6.75" x 12" is a good comparison to a typical 10"x5"x13" paper bag but is made with a wider bottom to accommodate take out food containers. This bag is commonly used for the food service industry. 

Kraft Paper Bags are most commonly found in two colors, Kraft brown and White. White bags are less common and more expensive than brown, but allow businesses to better highlight any logo they add to the bag. Regardless, both colors of paper bags are an excellent choice for any business owner looking for a durable and reusable alternative to plastic take out bags.   

Additional product offerings for your business: Face Masks, Trash Bags, Condiment Cups, and more!


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