About Reli.


Reli. is a family-owned business built around strong values and a passion to serve our customers. 

Our drive stemmed from seeing a need for custom-tailored quality products at wholesale prices & quantities to be directly delivered to your door for your industrial, commercial and household needs. With our global and domestic supplier relationships, we have the freedom to center each and every decision around our valued customers. This allows us to put quality first and be able to provide honest pricing.


Our values inspire our commitment to serve our customers needs and provide quality products.

Each product line is specially curated to fit your trash cans. We make size modifications to avoid oversized bags and unnecessary waste without compromising strength. With this in mind, we are able to directly communicate & facilitate eco-conscious solutions for our customers. We are committed to continuing to find sustainable solutions and implement processes for a positive environmental impact. Therefore, we are consistently reviewing and improving our manufacturing process to strive to be greener.


Our dedicated team is driven by our customer needs and feedback. We approach all our work with the same drive and energy to make sure we always deliver for our customers. We diligently work with passion to make sure not a single detail is overlooked, from the very beginning steps of research all the way to the final product being delivered to your door step. With your feedback, we are able to grow and improve every day. Our dedicated customer service representatives ensure the team is consistently informed of any positive and negative feedback to continue to stay connected to all our customers. 
Thank you for relying on Reli.!


Reli. has been featured in: Ode Magazine, Best Compostable Trash Bags